Samba TV Interactive Data Visualization

Data Visualization, Interactive Art, Fabrication

For the annual trade show CES data company Samba TV deployed Volvox Labs to design and build their show booth. The booth consisted of four spaces, one of them a 20 ft video and light wall displaying custom animated date visualization. This interactive wall was build to be modular and reused in other Samba TV locations.

The booth gave space for all aspects of Samba TVs activities, from private meeting, to demos, causal interaction and sales. Passerby were prompted to interact with the interactive wall, which was both amusing and informational, familiarizing them with the power of Samba Tvs data.

Creative Data Visualization

To create an immersive experience based on Samba TV data, Volvox Labs designed and built a wall consisting of 546 LED dots, creating a magical 3832 pixels of colored lights. Set in the middle of the wall five monitors created one gigantic screen. Via a touchscreen partners, clients and passerby could control and explore the depth of Samba TVs data as it was displayed on the monitors.

Animations were expertly made by Creative Director Kamil Nawratil.

Innovative Design and Fabrication

To accompany all of Samba TVs needs, Volvox Labs designed a booth with four spaces: two conference rooms, one demo area and a interactive space. The two conference rooms where built with frosted acrylic giving maximum privacy, but not blocking light. The demo area was equipped with three monitors for easy access to Samba TV platforms. Logos made of stickers and CNC cut material where displayed for maximum visibilty and brand recognition.

All materials were handpicked and customized to create a perfect result. The booth was designed and the interactive wall was built by Volvox Labs in house team VVOXSTUDIO.


Client: Samba TV

VVOX Team: Creative Director: Kamil Nawratil Technical Direction/Touch Designer Development: Kamil Nawratil Architectural Design: Miron Nawratil Physical Computing and Lead fabricator: Zyia Zhang Fabrication: Salvatore Wengler Producer: Isabel Shestopal Project Manager: Pa Her Architectural Designer: Miron Nawratil Fabrication: Tractor Vision Cinematographer: Mario Des Armas