VolvoxLabs [VVOX] is a VFX and projection design studio based in Brooklyn, NY. The Lab embraces projects from a mix of ideas emphasizing technology, nature and architecture as they focus on re-imagining the creative space for individuals to experience art. Whether depicting nature in an extraordinary form, creating interactive, entropic projections or mapping peculiar architectural installations, the design process is united around the tension between nature, humans and technology. The result is a synergistic immersion that alters viewers' perception and challenges them to consider connections that may exist between seemingly disparate realms.

The VL studio specializes in crafting 2D/3D animation and conceptualizing/ executing multimedia and interactive environments by integrating video, sound, architecture and visual effects to create awe-inspiring experiences. Our range of experiential installations has been activated at major music festivals and brand activations.

Recent Projects

  • Services

    2D/3D animation • Fluid Dynamics • Lighting/Rendering • Digital Compositing • Polarized Stereoscopic 3D • Motion Tracking • Graphic Design
  • Performative

    Live Video Manipulation • Video Mapping • Projection Design • Interactive Installations
  • VolvoxForm

    installation design (concept) • interior, landscape and product visualization • modeling and rendering • furniture design and prototyping • experimental and multimedia
  • VolvoxLabs Clients

    Heineken • H&M • BMF • #FEED @ SXSW • Lincoln Automotive • Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival • Catalpa NYC Festival • Camp Bisco Festival • Digital Dreams Toronto Festival • Lights All Night Dallas Festival • Electric Forest Festival • CounterPoint Festival


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