The MasterCraft Series

Projection Mapping, Responsive Architecture, Interactive Art, Food and Technology

Volvox Labs founder, Kamil Nawratil was featured in Pure Leaf new web serie "MasterCraft". The show was hosted by Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson. The series showcases how expertise and craftsmanship can create unexpected outcomes and elevated taste experiences.

For an exclusive event Nawratil designed and built an interactive dining table. The room and furniture were projection mapped and equipped with motion sensors. When interacted with by visitors, the projections changed and moved as if to play with the participant. This made for an innovative and fun dining experience.

Merging Food And Technology

Themes were handed out to four carefully selected craftsmen. Nawratil received the theme "Aesthetic", inspired by the Pure Leaf Tea House Collection Valencia Orange Peel Flavor. In turn his work inspired Chef Samuelsson to create a course that would fit perfecly together with Nawratil's interactive room. Together they created an exceptional audiovisual food event. The web series MasterCraft features one artist per episode.

Honored to be featured alongside acclaimed artist like ice sculpture artist Shintaro Okamoto, landscape architect Charlie Baker and scent expert Chandler Burr.


Table Design and Art Direction: Kamil Nawratil 360 Wall projection content: Kamil Nawratil TouichDesigner Interactive Table Content: Vincent Houze Table Fabrication: VvoxFab