We design, program & fabricate interactive environments for art, music, architecture and public spaces

Volvox Labs [VVOX] is an award-winning interactive studio blending rich visual content with art, code, fabrication and sound to create immersive experiences. We work with agencies, brands and artists as their creative and technical partner.

Our work aims at creating multi-sensory environments that connect people with more dynamic and interactive design. First creating full-service content solutions for clients, and then to new media experiential environments, VVOX cross-pollinates cutting-edge technology and disciplines to enable wide-ranging applications such as live music performance, art installations, experiential brand activations, and responsive architecture.

VVOX has worked with the band Neon Indian to enhance its live performance at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York by using Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensing devices to map the band members’ movements live and translate them into simultaneously projected visuals. It has also collaborated with Ferran Adria’s famed elBulli, in Barcelona, to capture time-lapse video of the restaurant’s laboratory that is automatically posted online and with LinkedIn to develop to create an interactive data visualization kiosk. VVOX’s work has been covered in has been featured on WIRED, Creators Project , Fast Company, Creative Applications, BizBash, and and been featured on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

In 2016 VVOX won the prestigious LE BOOK award for Best Non-Traditional Experiential Award for their innovative work on the live performance and visual/stage design for BT’s Electronic Opus, the spectacular live show by the multi-platinum EDM recording artist, film composer and technologist Brian Transeau (BT). The studio’s work in collaboration with Momentum Agency, AMEX : Rally on the River: You vs. Sharpova achieved an excellence award as Best Single Technology Interactive from the Experience Design Awards in 2015. The studio is also a proud member of the highly selective, interdisciplinary community of NEW INC, at the New Museum, the first museum-led incubator designed to help foster creative practitioners working in the areas of art, technology, and design.

VVOX continues to work on many projects in the US and with clients in Europe with the focus of giving more movement, more life and more action to all things.



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TouchIn NYC


We Believe Collaboration will lead to Evolution.

Inspired by the first multi-cellular organisms that united and evolved, VVOX created free and open TouchIn NYC Sessions for TouchDesigner enthusiasts, beginners and advanced software users. Many thanks to our generous presenters! We've had an amazing set of artists from renowned studios, check out the artists and learn more on our page.