Content, Event, Live Performance

EXTENDED REALITY/ Cutting edge live content production

The work paradigm is shifting and so are our capabilities. VVOX is now fully equipped to execute xR productions in-house, whether its for live streaming events, artistic collaborations, or film we got you covered.

xR is a combination of high end, real-time rendering with camera tracking, and simultaneous capture and output ( render or stream online ) of the content without a further post-production need. Our in-house tools allow for quick iteration of content and takes, while 6-axis robotic camera motion control ensures the right capture every time, infinitely.


Using high resolution and brightness LED screens behind and underneath talent, xR allows for precise lighting effects in real-time without any need for keying or post work. Light within the set and around, corresponds perfectly to the virtual environments presented in the content.

Thanks to the LED technology on the set, talent and props get perfectly illuminated during the camera motion creating one of a kind atmosphere.


In addition to extending the reality outside of the LED set our technology allows for seamless Mixed Reality (MR) overlays on top of the recorded footage. Adding elements in the foreground, in real-time brings a next-level opportunity for interaction between content and talent as well as create even more immersive environments for streaming.


Our xR sets provides a dynamic virtual space for all types of presentations and messaging. Create a broadcast show or a keynote webcast, teach an educational classroom lecture, or host a presentation from a remote location. Our xR set can be a turn-key solution or a piece of the larger overall production environment.

Our team specializes in content production in various 3D packages, like Notch, Unreal Engine and TouchDesigner. We want to work with clients and artists to achieve highest potential of xR whether its for streaming or capturing artistic content.


Our Mocap studio is equipped with a wireless, camera-less motion capture suite and offers a complete motion capture solution that is ready to produce professional results. Our system is capable of recording movements from head to feet, the system also includes a set of gloves that can track full hand and finger motion.