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For the release of Swarovski's new Man Made Diamond collection we've build 4 custom animated shorts presenting each new color and pillar in a completely new abstract visual light. Swarovski launched 16 brand new colors, made to inspire jewelry that has never before been created or even dreamed of.


The colors are arranged in four groups, each referencing one of the creative communities in which Swarovski has always played a vital role: Fashion, Art, Music and Architecture. The exploration of man-made beauty never stops here at the House of Brilliance.


Music pillar is all about the energy and motion. The animation moves through landscapes of Disco Ink, Punk Lipstick, Electro Arctic, and Heavy Metal Cherry. The challenge was to create video and audio transitions that would follow the themes yet smoothly flow with the virtual camera.


Art pillar is all about representing the diamond as an art piece. This animation takes viewers into a gallery setting where they discover Conceptual Blush, Surrealist Butter, Neo Expressionist Pistachio, and Cubist Sky. The challenge was to create create unique art pieces from scratch and morph the developing diamonds within them.


Fashion is all about fabric, smooth flow and motion. The animation builds into worlds filled with depth and macro scale of materials. The heroes of Fashion are Draped Fire, Velvet Pool, Couture Dragon, and Androgyny Flamingo.


Architecture pillar let us build structures that can’t exist in reality. The impossible urban landscapes take viewers onto a journey through Rococo Oyster, Minimalist Brown, Brutalist Pink, and Gothic Cognac. The challenge was to hit each of these themes without being to literal or realistic with each style.


Client: SwarovskiKamil Nawratil: Art Direction + Houdini AnimationMark McCallum: Houdini AnimationPasakorn Nontananandth: C4D and Houdini AnimationJavier Cruz: Music and Sound Design