Event, Experiential, Interactive


Volvox Labs' technology, sound, and fabrication teams came together to create a large-scale interactive installation with Emilie Baltz for FX. TEMPO is an interactive sculpture that draws inspiration from the visual rhythm and modernist architecture of Chicago, as well as the comedic timing that the Windy City is famous for. Using metallic strings, it creates the world's first 6-sided comedic harp.


By connecting specialized sensors to each string, our team created an interactive system allowing user interaction to trigger an assortment of corresponding sounds. These sounds are artfully woven into an already vibrant background track that is further amplified by an array of FX elements, all of which are contained within this awe-inspiring sculpture.


The team accomplished the challenging task of creating an interactive instrument that could withstand the use of multiple fans and endure tough weather conditions in downtown Chicago. To achieve this, they utilized aluminum framing, dibond, and integrated smart technology. We extensively tested the instrument to ensure its performance for any user and trigger amount as well as the ability to withstand various weather conditions, resulting in a successful outcome.


Client: FXArtist / Artistic Direction: Emilie BaltzCreative Director: Kamil NawratilSound Design: Javier CruzTechnical Director: Ben ForestPhysical Design: Zyia ZhangProduction: Gilad DorAssistants: Matt Ross, AJ Sapala, Cory Sterling, Moleian Reusse, Dominic Barrett, Eamon Goodman