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SAMBA TV/ Interactive Data Visualization

Volvox Labs partnered with San Francisco based data company Samba TV to design and build their first interactive demo space for CES 2018. The client wanted to showcase their products and demos while also delivering their data in an engaging and innovative way. To create a more elegant and surprising display of graphics and data, Volvox Labs designed and built a fully integrated media facade solution.


The facade comprised of an interactive light wall consisting of 546 LED nodes, creating a magical 3832 pixel array of colored lights. LEDs were integrated within an advanced facade material, dibond, turning the light wall into a slim- profile screen that could relay any data into a beautifully abstract image.

Particle simulations of color were driven by Samba TV data and used to control the movement of light on each individual node.


To accompany all of Samba TV’s needs, Volvox Labs also designed and built additional functional spaces: two conference rooms and a demo area. The two conference rooms were built with frosted acrylic giving maximum privacy, but not blocking light. The demo area was equipped with three monitors for easy access to Samba TV platforms.


Client: SAMBA TVCreative Direction: Kamil Nawratil + Chelsea StweartTechnical Direction/Touch Designer Development: Kamil NawratilShop Drawings: Miron NawratilPhysical Computing and Lead fabricator: Zyia ZhangPhysical Computing: Danara SariogluFabrication: VVOX StudioProducer: Isabel Shestopal