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MAGIC MAN / Jackson Wang World Tour

Volvox Labs partnered with 88Rising and Microsoft to create the Magic Man Experience inspired by the visual worlds of Jackson Wang’s Magic Man album. This unique immersive take on thematics from Magic Man album allows participants to embark on a journey within the Jackson Wang music videos.


Step into Jackson’s universe and encounter the different dimensions of the Magic Magic album where the lines between physical and virtual realms become blurred.

Using chatGPT we allow participants to choose their magic spell and embark on a unique experience.


Our team utilized source material used in Magic Man xR music video production. From there we picked unique moments and added interactive flare for the participants of the installation to explore.

Each world represented a theme and feeling corresponding to the chatGPT magic input sentiment. Each participant was greeted with a different ‘magic spell’ taking them into a specific world of Magic Man.




The structure we designed closely represented the visual language from within the Magic Man world with a twist allowing it to stand out as a sleek monolith but also host all the embedded technology and participation area for multiple people.


Our cameras embedded within the Magic Man elevator tracked participant movements using real-time TouchDesigner FX as well as Microsoft’s Cognitive Services.

Depending on the magic spell chosen the real-time fx would change and create a unique atmosphere and visual output unique to each participant.


Artist: Jackson WangLabel: 88 RisingClient: MicrosoftCreative Direction Label: Brandon MaiCreative Direction: Pasakorn NontananadhTechnical Direction: Ben ForestCreative Technologist: Matt RossSound Composition: Javier CruzProduction: Gilad DorVisual FX: Chatrin, Sophia HollandBTS Direction: Rodrigo Olivar