Event, Experiential, Interactive


Volvox Labs provided the technical direction, projection mapping, and fabrication of the Autonomous Driving and AI Tower Experience for Intel's CES 2018 immersive Mega Experience.


For projection mapping 3 Christie projectors which projected onto translucent projection film, stretched onto a car-inspired wooden and plastic frame. We used TouchDesigner for mapping and feeding in haptic elements and the immersive 5.1 soundtrack.

The seats in the car were outfitted with haptic devices using ButtKicker speakers and Subpacs that rumbled at programmed times, with additional 4 fans placed above and below that were synced with content to come on and off.



Technical Director: Kamil NawratilTechnologist: Javier CruzTechnologist: Mark McCallumCinema 4D: Mark McallumFabricator: Zyia ZhangFabricator Consultant: Salvatore WenglerFabrication Intern: Yaara YacobiProducer: Isabel ShestopalProduction, Design, Writing: Tool of North AmericaInteractive Directors: Aramique + Jeff CrouseCreative Technologist: Martial Geoffre-Rouland, Benjamin Petit, Antoine Vanel, Lars Berg, Richard Mattka, Ivan Safrin, Jeff CrouseArt Director: Aramique, Mau MorgoExperiential Designer: Ryan HawthorneProjection Mapping, Technical Direction: Volvox LabsFabrication: Volvox Labs3D Content: Bloc DIndustrial Designer: Stevie Nicole MederWriters: Aramique, Selcen OnsanComposer: Gary GunnFabrication: Stand and BuildBTS Director: Ahmed Hadj amuer, Bolly