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CADILLAC: IQ TOUR/ Immersive Content Production

VVOX was invited as an experiential and content production partner to create an immersive visual journey into the worlds of Cadillac EV future. The show narrative revolves around the vision of Cadillac's incredible innovation ultimately leading participants to discover the brands new EV - The Lyriq.


Within the immersive theater, a 5x4K projection system, surround sound system, and a tracking cameras invites participants on a journey into the future landscapes of Cadillac’s vision for EV future.

We developed a 5 minute film based on 4 Acts, the past, dawn of EV future, Future EV landscapes, and step inside future. Within the film, we also introduce interactive moments of ‘electrical’ energy projected onto the theater floor.


In addition to the CG film, our team also developed interactive Notch scenes used during the walk-in, walk-out sequences as well as during the film. These moments allow participants to become ‘sources of electrical energy’ within the theater as they move around the space. We used Azure Kinect sensors and Touchdesigner for tracking the participants.


The LED wrap around the theater got a custom Unreal Engine treatment inviting visitors to explore Lyriq and of course enter the theater for an immersive journey. We’ve built 3 custom, evolving scenes played back through Disguise system.


Client: General MotorsAgency: Jack MortonCreative Direction: Alex CzetwertynskiCreative Direction / Houdini Artist: Kamil NawratilHoudini Artist / UE4 Artist: Pasakorn NontananandhNotch Artist: Javier CruzAfter Effect Artist: Naoko HaraFilm Editing: Rodrigo OlivarCinema 4D Artist: Dev HarlanProducer: Edwina PortocarreroAudio Production: ANTFOODAV: PRG