Content, Interactive, Kinetic, Permanent


Microsoft invited VVOX to install multiple exhibits at their new Lounge space in Culver City, LA. We've developed and built Cutting Edge Digital and Physical Transformation into a New Media Lounge.


VVOX’s created a new media lounge that leverages technology in new and innovative ways to improve the way we experience buildings and spaces. The renovation includes a collection of AI, kinetic motors, and video-based interactions.

The second public platform of its kind for Microsoft Lifestyle and Marketing in Los Angeles, California, the lounge invites viewers to engage and playfully interact with space rather than be a passive viewer.

Unforgettable Realities

This interactive media wall invites users to go beyond the facade. By simply walking across, users can dive into one of 5 scenes or video. All of which are in perfect sync and running simultaneously. The experience showcases generative content, Unreal scenes and a variety of animation techniques. Users can move against the media facade at a whim and with each movement trigger spontaneous visuals.

It’s unlikely anyone will experience the same visual experience twice. People can even playfully interact with characters as they move along the facade. This was a truly fun and epic undertaking. Planning the scenes, videos and interactive actions so that everything would be synced in a mind-blowing experience was an awesome opportunity to work on with Microsoft.

Cortana Interactive Lobby Wall

This installation brings a new twist to the traditional lobby welcome experience while arousing people’s growing fascination with AI and robotics. First, the custom hickory frame transforms itself as it begins to initiate a conversation. With kinetic motors, it creates an inviting first encounter.


An artificial intelligence-powered concierge robot greets and playfully interacts with guests. The robot is based on Nao, a popular humanoid bot made by French robotics company Aldebaran.


Client: MicrosoftKamil Nawratil: Art Direction Javier Cruz: DeveloperMatt Felsen: Nao and Cortana ProgrammingMark McCallum: CG Animation VVOX Studio: Kinetic Engineering