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Creative Director We're looking for a creative with an amazing eye for design, and aesthetic. Perfect candidate can produce concepts, renderings, decks as well as run the team through projects and stay aesthetically on point. Candidates should be proficient in 3D / 2D software suites. Deep knowledge of real-time applications a huge plus.
Unreal Engine Developer Internship or full time. Reach out to us with your UE knowledge and skill level. If you've done work with UE within experiential and interactive installations, worked across pipelines and can iterate quickly on visuals for various format displays this might be a perfect position for you.
Motion Designer / Internship If you think you're a bad ass 3D / 2.5D animator and can produce looks and graphics that vibe with Volvox's approach reach out! Proficiency in C4D, AE ( + all Adobe ), Houdini a huge +++ also knowledge of TouchDesigner and UE engine a big +
BROOKLYN, NY 1205 Manhattan Ave, STE 111
Brooklyn, NY 11222