NIKE Test Stride LVTHN

Programming, Interactive System Engineering

VVOX was invited by creative agency Leviathan to engineer the interactive system for the Nike Test Stride exclusive event for media and VIPs in Shanghai, China.

Interactive Engineering of NIKE Obstacle Course

We programmed the interactive component used in the 170-foot-long competitive obstacle course. First we created custom software to be used on Microsoft Surface Pros to allow VIPs to register their name, email and also trigger activation of the course. Our custom software allowed Brand Ambassadors to easily monitor each runner's performance and stop the course as needed via the custom software. Lidar sensors placed throughout the course were programmed to track human motion. Sensors when activated by motion triggered real-time visuals. VVOX created a photo capturing system in the course to automatically snap an image to be displayed alongside each runner's stats at the culmination of the course onto a 30-ft wide digital victory scoreboard.


Client: Leviathan / NIKE VVOX Team Interactive System Engineering: Kamil Nawratil –Technical Direction Javier Cruz - TouchDesigner Development Zyia Zyang - Physical Computing Pa Her - Producer